Our approach to every project undertaken is to
provide professional hands on service, acting swiftly and
promptly to our client needs.

This sees our executives traveling extensively world-wide, following through projects from start to finish, from initial inspections and marketing to ensuring equipment is decommissioned and delivered on schedule. We know the people and demands of the world market.

Unlike the more traditional auction house we have a thorough working knowledge of the manufacturing and processing industry, with a competent team of people from hands-on management and sales background. Equipment is appraised from a technical and alternative market stance to determine how and where best realisation can be achieved, before projecting to the market our team can also advise or undertake work on your equipment prior to marketing if required to insure maximum realisation is achieved.

It is our policy that our remuneration is only paid on completion of a successful project. we have no up front charges on which to rest. Our scale of fees is incentive based to ensure we maximise the best result for you the client. We get results on a cost effective basis for an industry that consistently backs our ability by returning time and time again to our services.

Our success stems from our expertise and experience in the professional sector, and our extensive knowledge of business processes and functions; allowing us to produce high standard services for our clients.