Lost Treasures

January 22nd, 2020 by markflynn

Brit couple become millionaires overnight after being told relics found wrapped in newspaper in attic are lost treasures. A couple are set to be overnight millionaires after being told relics wrapped in newspaper in their attic were an Indian sultan’s treasures.

The artefacts were taken from the palace of Tipu Sultan, an Indian ruler, after his defeat by forces led by the Duke of Wellington in 1799.

The cache includes the very gun Tipu, the Tiger of Mysore, used in his last stand against the British.

It has a tiger stripe pattern unique to Tipu and there is also damage caused by the musket ball that killed him.

The gun, four swords, a shield, a betel nut box and gold seal ring were brought to Britain by Major Thomas Hart following the Fourth Anglo-Mysore war.

They were passed down through his family and now belong to a couple who kept them in the attic of their semi-detached home in Berkshire, not realising they could be worth millions.

In 2016, a sale of other items that belonged to Tipu fetched £6million.

The British waged war against Tipu Sultan after a spy intercepted a letter from French dictator Napoleon proposing an alliance with him against the British.

After the victory, British soldiers pillaged the city and Tipu’s palace, treasury and armoury, taking the wealthy sultan’s bejewelled possessions and impressive arms.

The collection will be sold at auction at the Milton House Hotel, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, on March 26.

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