If you thought Harrods’ sale was tense, try bidding for a 24 carat gold waste paper bin!

January 20th, 2018 by markflynn

Pro Auction recovers from the sale of the century!
If you thought Harrods’ sale was tense, try bidding for a 24 carat gold waste paper bin!

Mark Flynn and Simon Rose should be booking a well-earned break after presiding over one of the most exciting auction events held in Knightsbridge, London. But no, plans are already shaping up for a fantastic sale of Turkish Art to be held in October.
‘It never stops.’ laughs Mark, ‘we are an auction house that’s considered to possess extensive experience in the valuation and auction sector. Having just sold a collection of 24 carat gold waste paper baskets, tissue boxes, bath taps and chandeliers last week, it has done no harm to our reputation for enjoying the Midas touch! The phone just hasn’t stopped ringing.’
In fact, last week’s sale at Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge was frenetic. Even now Simon Rose shakes his head at the memory. ‘We had almost 1200 lots to catalogue and value, that was quite a task in itself. However, we have to confess, before you give us to much sympathy, that wasn’t completed by us alone. Our Auction and Private Collection team work in conjunction with an extensive network of over 50 specialists. This allows us to achieve maximum results with estimates regularly being exceeded for our clients.
But during the 13th and 14th of July, over 2000 people participated in this one event. Just imagine, with both crowds of people in the room and Internet bidders in evidence; the atmosphere was electric! At the end of those two days we flopped down on the steps, as there was nowhere to sit; every single item had been sold. It was incredible!’
Bidders from all over the world participated. Interested parties were in evidence from as far as Saudi Arabia, Europe and Australia. Over 30 telephones were utilised in the sale to accommodate so much telephone bidding. ‘At one stage over 60 bidders were vying for the same lot at the sale; we could hardly credit it.’ m/f
Mark continues, ‘ When we say everything was sold, we really do mean everything! Not only the furniture and decorative items but the kitchens and bathrooms were snapped up in readiness for the property to be dispatched to a buyer.’
So what makes a company capable of handling such a frenetic and prestigious sale such as this? Isn’t it a daunting prospect? Simon doesn’t pause before offering an answer. ‘Pro Auction is set aside from its competitors, I guess by its experience in offering clients a ‘turnkey’ solution. People return to us because we also provide a complete project management service. This goes way beyond the limits of traditional auctioneers. Our holistic approach allows us to build open and trusted relationships with clients. They often feel comfortable enough to share their concerns and goals. You must remember, sometimes these sales can be emotional and politically sensitive for a whole host of reasons. Therefore this client-centred focus means we put their needs first in all of our recommendations and solutions.’
‘I think we embody a modern take on selling by auction. After all, we even managed a highly targeted and intense social media campaign leading up to the sale that generated huge interest. We are not afraid to embrace change and constantly re-evaluate how we do business and solve our clients’ pain points.’
It’s obvious; Pro Auction manages the process from start to finish with 360 degrees virtual tours; cataloguing; viewing of lots; provision of bidding both online and in room plus full site clearance. That’s why the company work with so many private and commercial clients worldwide and deliver success on each sale. They do business right across Europe but spend plenty of time managing sales for luxurious hotels in London such as The Howard, The Hemple and most recently The Lanesborough.
So everyone is probably itching to know what the Knightsbridge sale made in the end. Mark raises his eyebrows, ‘ You can’t ask that question’ he laughs, ‘Pro Auction does not disclose selling prices. But it’s safe to say the sale achieved significantly above the estimates. That’s all you’re getting! Anyway, that was then and this is now. We are so excited by our preparations for the next auction, in October 2015. This event will see us selling the contents of a former Turkish Ottoman palace. It will be quite an occasion!’ ENDS

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