Auction Highlights

October 30th, 2018 by markflynn

A Banksy print, a Suffragette medal and a rare piece of British automobilia are among ATG’s selection of highlights that sold at auctions this week.

There has been a pottery in Ewenny for five centuries but the collecting market tends to focus upon those piece produced under the influence of the Art s & Crafts movement in the late 19th century.

A key figure is the London-based designer and ceramics dealer Horace W Elliot who visited the pottery regularly from 1883-1914 – commissioning and designing pieces to sell in his Bayswater showrooms. Among the most talented modellers working in Ewenny in this period is the enigmatic William Doel. A relation Edward Doel (possibly his brother) is also listed in local records as modeller but he died aged 24 in November 1883.

Some idea of William Doel’s talents can be seen in the rare Ewenny jardinière sold by Rogers Jones in Cardiff on October 20 as part of The Welsh Sale. Worked with trailing flowers and a sculptural pair of dragons to the rim, the base is signed W Doel, Bridgend, Glam, 9 Jan (18)84. Despite some damage to the many vulnerable areas of relief decoration, it sold at £5500 (estimate £1000-1500).

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