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August 4th, 2016 by markflynn

A decidedly modern taste for reclamation, salvage and up-cycling…

A singular auction steeped in history and accompanied with a thousand tales

The past two decades have brought about an incredible resurgence in salvaged, up-cycled and church reclaimed architectural items; even for those outside of design and architectural industries, it appears that make-do and mend has been shifted to an entirely new level where old is in, and history and heritage are hot property for the on-trend residential or commercial building.

This movement is in stark contrast to the industrial shift in interior design seen previously, and whilst the minimalist trend has stayed firmly put, it is often when architectural reclamation pieces combine with this style that the most dramatic of effects can be achieved. This contrast between old and new, intricately detailed and decidedly simple is something that has long since made for the stuff of interior magazine spreads.

An auction that tells a thousand tales

For many, the passion for reclaimed items is defined by their heritage and their innate ability to contrast in a world of mass produced furnishings. Yet all too often auction items are sadly lacking in any definitive history that is known about them (at least most of the time).

The Pro Auction (which will be both live and webcast), on behalf of Antique Church Furnishings, will be making a mark amongst auctions by bringing to market a collection of items where tales may be told and tangible history can be viewed.

Taking a look a few key items

Whilst almost every item amongst the auctioned collection has a story of its own, it is perhaps the following three items that will form the centre of attention over the course of the two day auction.

A 17th Century style Oak Altar Table, Bradford Cathedral

Hailing from Bradford Cathedral – a rich resource of history in itself as one of the oldest worship sites in England (dating back to the eighth century), this item is defined by understated elegance and stoic poise in equal measure.

Today, this table boasts four hundred years of history; and whilst an innumerable amount of weddings, christenings and funerals will have surrounded it, this piece has aged with defiant grace.

This table is certain to be a talking point in any room – ideal as a dining table over which bread may be broken, or serving as a handsome sideboard upon which modern items may contrast.


An incredibly rare Bimah Torah Scroll Holder, Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue.

The Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue dates its own history back to 1899, and serves as one of the very last traditional old London East End Synagogues. Unfortunately its tradition has all but ended as the building was sold off in 2015, however this makes this incredibly rare Bimah Torah Scroll Holder a true gem of a find. Potential for this piece are practically unparalleled given its religious heritage, yet strong, industrious feel and considerable sizing – an undeniably powerful piece for any room’s focal point.


A Large Valiant Stained Glass Window 268cm x 210cm

This 9 panelled window – with intricate stained glass, staggering craftsmanship and vivid imagery, will prove the perfect partner for even the most neutral of rooms in which it will make for a remarkable centrepiece.


Further lots coming up…

Further antiques and items to look forward to across the course of the two day auction will include elaborate carvings and decoration, stained glass cartoons and a good range of chapel chairs, oak and pine pews, oak and mahogany doors, prayer boards, bronze bells, plaster and wood statues, carved screens, lecterns, fonts and pulpits – all of which have gained significant attention already.


For interior designers, for private collectors, for inspired architects

This sale has created quite the stir – which has perhaps been most notable for the array of professionals and private individuals; spanning from interior designers, to collectors and onto architects, it appears that the appetite for architectural salvage and church antiques is as insatiable as it’s ever been.


A little about Antique Church Furnishings (and their own history)

With three decades of trading history behind them, this auction is brought to you by the reputable Antique Church Furnishings – the leading supplier of Antique Ecclesiastical Furnishings, furniture, fixtures and fittings the length and breadth of Britain.

Their tale is one that has been defined by the fluctuating demand for salvaged items – since the 1980’s business partners and friends, Steve and Lawrence have scoured the country, capitalising on the throw away culture that saw beautifully intricate Victorian fireplaces in the skips and streets outside of renovation projects and homes.

These spur-of-the moment roadside collections would one day lead to the lightbulb moment that was the salvage of church restoration items, where items were literally saved from the flames of a fire and purchased in bulk. This turning moment for the friends’ business has ultimately culminated in their upcoming expansion to Betchworth, near Dorking in Surrey, to take place in 2017. This auction is the result of that expansion – a series of sales that showcase the wears of three decades of trading, collecting and avidly auctioneering.

Today, business is consistently booming, and Antique Church Furnishings proudly count pubs, restaurants, private individuals, film and theatre professionals amongst their clientele – with their store rooms likely the truest to life Aladdin’s Cave for the ardent Antiques collector or treasurer of items that drip vibrant historical detailing: the fascinating, the understated, the ordinary and the absolutely dazzling.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

The details

The Pro Auction, on behalf of Antique Church Furnishings of Rivernook Farm, Walton-on-Thames KT12 2ET, will be held on the following dates and will be both live and internet enabled.

The catalogue is now available online, alongside images and bidding instructions for those who wish to bid from the comfort of their own homes.

Auction details

Friday 16th September 2016 at 10.00am

Saturday 17th September 2016 at 10.00am.

Viewing will be available on Thursday 15th September and on each sale morning from 08.30am

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