What does 2015 hold for hoteliers, restaurateurs and foodservice caterers?

January 5th, 2015 by markflynn

The past year has been a strong one for the eating out market, particularly casual dining. Figures from foodservice analyst Horizons show that frequency of eating out is on the up again, rising to an average of 2.21 times in a two-week period, up from 1.77 times in 2013. That trend looks set to continue, says Horizons’ Peter Backman, who claims that the eating out market in the UK will grow for the foreseeable future as the economy improves and consumers are less inclined to cook at home.

The fact that eating out has shifted from being a special occasion or treat to a more everyday occurrence means that the habit of buying food to eat outside the home is becoming well established, says Backman. That’s particularly the case among the younger generation, whose eating out habits are even more strongly ingrained. Those aged 18-24 and 25-34 are most likely to eat out (78% and 79% of respondents in those respective age groups had eaten out in the past two weeks according to a Horizons survey). This is important because although the younger age group currently spends the least on eating out (£10.40 on average), this group represents the high spenders of the future.

And while 2014 saw a drop in average spend per meal to £12.72, down from £13.30 the year before, Horizons believes that this suggests people are interspersing special occasion meals with more everyday purchases, again suggesting that the frequency of eating out is increasing.

“Together the pub restaurant and quick service sectors now account for 79% of all eating out occasions, with quick service (at 32%) gaining share from restaurants (47%),” says Backman.

“Operators have proved themselves to be adaptable, flexible and quick to change. This looks set to continue as the consumer era continues.”

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