Lot 64 - Angelo po Angelo PO cooking suite This Angelo Po is sold as a complete set. Angelo Po, a firm with over 90 years of history behind it, is market leader in the design and production of complete systems for the catering industry worldwide. From horizontal and vertical cooking lines to food storage systems, the company delivers solutions of superior quality that anticipate the most innovative trends to help chefs achieve outstanding performances. This set includes: 1. ambient drawer: 3 draws, 400 w x 930d x 720h 2. pasta boiler: Model 090BMIE022RO, 400 x 930x 720 x 2 3. double Gas Fryer: Model 191FR21-CPMOI 800w x 930d x 720h with lids 4. 4 burner gas cookers: model 190 FAA-COCO 800w x 930d x 720h 5. Gas fryer single double basket: model 191CP1E-ZRO 400w x 900d x 720h 6. Pasta boiler: model 05PE-2PROL 400w x 7. Fryer 2 gas: 400w 8. Griddle: model 090FT4E-ZMMO 400w 9. Double basket fryer 400w 4860 in total x 900 x 960mm Various

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15 Nov 2018 14:21 GMT
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