Services Valuations

Using a highly experienced team of experts, Pro Auction undertakes valuations to depict an accurate picture of their total worth , accuracy is paramount: the company’s experience means it provides information based on facts rather than hunches.

Valuation is an important process to help you understand the true worth of your assets and to protect them. There are many techniques and metrics used for preparing a valuation and our valuation service will provide you with all the details you need,

The majority of work in this area is usually conducted in accordance with the RICS Appraisal & Valuation Manual, and valuations are based on reliable sales data compiled over many years.

We are able to support the provision of rigorous fair value assessments for clients by coordinating efficient, consistent and controlled valuation capability with technology and resources across our firm to deliver a high quality service.

With an unparalleled access to the most extensive asset sales database in the UK and Europe, we work across the entire range of chattels from traditional to high technology, ensuring the valuation is accurate, comparable and supported by facts.

By combining our specialist valuation skills with our commercial and industry expertise, our work provides deep insights that stand out through the impact we have on the reputation and success of our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients, understand their needs and help them develop bespoke solutions to complex valuation issues.