Selling with Pro Auction


Selling with Pro Auction is easy and worthwhile

As global leaders in international auction markets, Pro Auction has a proven record in setting and getting prices.

Our long-standing business offers impartial and expert advice to anyone looking to maximise their return without a heavy investment of time.

In short, more reward and less red tape.


A Novel Approach


Pro Auction offers a fresh approach to asset valuation and disposal.

Our proven team of experienced experts can assess, evaluate, and facilitate the entire process. As no two of clients are alike, we offer a unique, bespoke service catered to your needs.

From liquidation stock to hotel contents, from heavy industrial machinery to fine art and collectables. From high street names to supercars, almost every kind of asset has gone before our gavel.

Our robust infrastructure, international network and world-class marketing strategies allow us to source the ideal buyers for every sale.


Our Operation


Upon contact, our specialists will help assess, identify, and evaluate your assets before suggesting the perfect sales channel.

Next, we’ll take great care to explain the end to end process.  Auctions are just facet of our business we also handle storage, site clearance and logistics. 

Our goal with every client is the same, a continuing prosperous relationship and we work with every seller to ensure that outcome regardless of whether the seller is selling a single lot, or a chain of boutique hotels. 

With that in mind, we’ll explain the process, take note of desired timeframes and work with you to exceed your expectations wherever we can.

With a global reach in live auctions, online-only sales, and private treaty sales, ours is the ideal platform to sell your surplus assets. Our shrewd experts and tight marketing mean we have the best chance of reaching the person who desires your goods the most. This translates to the highest ticket prices and the most satisfied buyers.


Our Buyers


We already have an established worldwide client list of buyers focussed on the secondary market, overstocks, seasonal clearances, insurance write-offs and product returns, and our world-class marketing and publicity reach news eyes every day.

With years of auction experience under our hammer, we understand the importance of transparency, visibility, and control.  To that end, we use proven, accessible dashboards and reporting systems to provide instant metrics and answers at all levels of our operation.


Our Staff


Pro Auction prides ourselves on our knowledgeable and experienced team.  Every link in our chain is ideal, strong, capable and fit for purpose. From industry knowledge and asset valuation, to work ethic and trust, everyone on the Pro Auction team from the warehouse to the podium is a star player.

Whether you’re an individual selling an heirloom or a conglomerate selling a legacy, let our exceptional specialist and client service teams guide you through the auction process, from free, confidential auction estimates and valuations, to satisfying bank transfer.


Our Promise


Let Pro Auction take care of your treasures no matter how big, small, many or few and we guarantee to deliver the best price and the least stress.


If you have something to sell, contact us now.