Private Sales

Pro Auction: Private Sales

Pro Auction Private Sales provide clients with a personal buying and selling platform outside the regular auction calendar.

We host private sales across a wide range of categories including furniture, fine art, jewellery, collectables, motor cars and so much more.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, looking for a specific piece or want to sell an heirloom or an entire estate our global team is on hand to help, research, source or sell on your behalf.

Unlike traditional auctions, in private sales, prices are fixed and mutually agreed in advance and all transactions are confidential.

In our private sales, buyers and sellers alike benefit from our decades of expertise and our global network of specialists. This knowhow enables Pro Auction to identify the ideal price point to suit both parties.

For more information on buying and selling privately, please get in touch with one of our specialists below.

House sales, Inventories & Iconic collections

The collation and curation of important individual sales is a major facet of our business.

The demand for country house, large estate, private collector and high-profile individual-owner auctions is higher than ever.

Following a thorough consultation, Pro Auction will appoint a senior qualified auctioneer to oversee the sale. Assisted by an experienced team from our Inventories and Collections Department, together they will arrange everything. Pro Auction offers a full 360 degree, personalised and discreet service from the first contact to bank transfer. Our capable team will be happy to evaluate your assets whether it’s a personal collection, the contents of a house, or a selection of individual items.

Auctions and Inheritance

Are you the beneficiary of an estate, have you recently inherited a large collection, or do you need to assess the value of an estate? Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of satisfied clients collate, value and optimise such collections for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Succession
  • Division
  • Relocation
  • Insurance Valuation
  • Envisaged Sale

Pro Auction carries out hundreds of inventories every year in the UK, Europe, and beyond. The only way to ensure no treasures are overlooked is to carry out a detailed inventory. In the past, we’ve helped our clients identify rare and precious items in their inheritance, items which might have otherwise been lost. Our valuation department is always happy to offer a full appraisal service across all fields and specialities.

Beyond the showroom

Our services begin and end far beyond the gavel. We enjoy the support of professionals fully conversant with current market developments, as well as the latest legal, tax and property transfer rules.

Pro Auction is perfectly placed to provide the best and most appropriate advice to help anyone understand all aspects of inheritance, and also to make the right decisions when contemplating a sale.

In the case of a division, selling at auction can be a good idea, but whatever the reason, the director will provide the best strategy to obtain optimum results.

By using the skills of our Inventories and Collections Department, sellers can benefit from our international network of partner and representative offices, this allows us to best promote the items entrusted to us.

In our experience, collectors love the history behind the prize. At Pro Auction we make the most of this and during our dedicated single-owner collection auctions we always research and investigate each piece to uncover its heritage. By uncovering the provenance and the stories behind each lot, we can provide that essential link to its past which, history teaches us, translates directly to higher ticket prices and satisfied buyers.

We’re proud of our recent run of successful single-owner sales, all of which achieved 100% sell-through rates, and doubled pre-sale expectations.

That said, we understand that all single-owner collections are unique. Our job is to listen to your requirements and create a sales strategy tailored to your needs.

Location, Location, Location

With salesroom throughout the UK we work closely with our international offices. Our House Sales, Private & Iconic Collections department comprises senior directors boasting a wealth of experience across many specialist categories.

For your peace of mind, we can handle the entire sale process from initial meeting to beyond the auction itself and we will ensure your vision and best interests are kept front and centre from the start.

In Summary

Our goal is simple: The collation and curation of memorable, successful auctions on your behalf, carried out with great care, creativity, and professionalism.

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