About Us

Pro Auction has a long history of helping both corporate and private clients source and sell valuables across the UK and internationally.

Trust underpins our entire operation and our clients stay with us because they know we keep their best interests front and centre.

This trust is built from our shared values and understanding of what is most important to them.

As a result, we serve a diverse clientele across multiple sectors

  • Hotel, Leisure and Hospitality.
  • Manufacturing Industrial Plant and Machinery
  • Retail and Wholesale Stocks
  • Luxury Goods, Prestige & Branded Products
  • Toys, collectables, memorabilia and other esoteric investments

Leaders in the Field

We conduct sales by auction, tender and private treaty. These are supported by online marketing alongside conventional promotional campaigns. This quick, effective, and efficient messaging enables us to reach the ideal buyer , thus ensuring every sale is a successful sale.

Employing tried and emerging marketing techniques, next-generation technology and first class expertise, Pro Auction is the ideal medium to sell surplus assets for maximum gain.

A Simple Approach

Our comprehensive service is based on the needs of our clients. Our expertise in valuing, marketing, and selling surplus assets means our clients can achieve the best prices and end result with minimal effort.

Our international network enables us to conduct live and webcast auction sales around the world.

Offering both traditional and online auctions, we use the latest auction platforms and software.

Our integrity, expertise and customer-first attitude are the three pillars upon which we continue to grow.

Over the years, we have developed a world-class understanding and an unrivalled working knowledge in auction marketing and sales spheres.

Pro Action pride ourselves on our consultative, problem-solving service and our tradition of exceeding expectation.

For us, the auction process is a journey and one which we take with our clients. Ours is a results-driven service underpinned by solid technology, expert advice and a willingness to turn the first contact to repeat customer to a trusted friend.

If you have something to sell, contact us now